Don’t let people rent space in your head just let it go..

I read this quote a few days ago and I cannot stop thinking about it.

We all have that one person or a few of them in our lives that we think about. The thoughts are different pertaining to each person you are thinking about but the effects may turn out to be the same.

Once you free yourself from worrying what other people think of you, it makes one feel lighter and no longer caged by the way you think of what other people may think of you as a person or your decision. 

Never compromise your happiness. 

Never compromise your self respect. 

Live your truth.

So next time you find yourself suddenly lost in thought over someone else teach yourself to stop. Tell yourself that you have your own journey and that the approval of others are not needed when you have a clear conscience and good intentions with your life.

Fearing judgement of others on you prevents you from reaching your potential.

You don’t require the words of affirmations to be special or feel achievement in your life.

Don’t let people rent space in your head. Make room for your ideas and living mindfully. 

Make space for your time, laugh more, do more and keep inspiring others with your fire.