Life will not open a door if there isn’t anything else on the other side 

Making a career for yourself in your twenties has changed rapidly from previous generations before us. 

We have to study a considerable amount more, we have to find a niche to stand out from the rest and we even have to compete rigorously against each other for just an entry level job after school or varsity. 

Once you have found a way to settle into your field of expertise the amount of learning expands as we have to evolve continously to mantain ourselves on the road towards success.

The amount of time we have to put in to succeed is endless. Our skills to manage time and organise a social life has become a specialized talent.

After a few years of hard work and experience, you finally see yourself in the position you have always wanted. You see yourself perhaps in a country far away from your family or somewhere close to home. You visualise your dream.

Then, when you are finally between success and your current achievements, a strong sense of fear sets in. 

The fear of losing all that you have worked for. The fear of taking that step into an area you have always dreamed of but now that it appears so close we are consumed by a lack of confidence.  

Stop asking yourself “what if?”

Stop fearing your own success. Tell yourself that you have an endless amount of energy to take that final step.

It is true that we can be our own sabotage. 

The amazing thing about you is the fact that you have what it takes. And I guarentee you that have so much to offer the world.

Life will not open a door if there isn’t a way through it.