Positive vibes 

Laughter is the best medicine. 

Sometimes life throws you off balance and a sense of overall disorientation sets in. 

The feeling can really be overwhelming, especially in situations where you have no control in the immediate moment. 

The best advice I can give in times of utter distress and frustration I resort to removing myself from the situation. 

Learn to observe and see how life creates certain patterns. At some point you will be able to predict certain things in your life and how to change or overcome these situations you find yourself in.

Fortunately bad times or good times don’t last forever.  Keep motivated in your attempts to reach solid ground and remember to stay humble and kind even in these times.

Showing character strength in times of adversity is vital. Keep your soul nourished by feeding it unlimited amounts of positive feedback.  

You can do this by smiling, laughing, seeing the good in other people around you and keeping the faith in your abilities.

The greatest test in life, is knowing that everyday has a different challenge for you. 

It keeps life exciting and full of chances to live up to being a better you. One small step at a time.  

I am certainly grateful for each day.